Raw materials for global industry


Cortex Commodities KB is specializing in various materials for foundries / scrap blenders and special alloys producers:

Minor metals

Cr metal: Aluminothermic and Electrolytic
Mo metal: fully sintered bars or/and powder
Re metal: pellets, powder, Ammonium Perrhenate, Re-bearing scraps and residues
W metal: fully sintered bars or/and powder

Non-ferrous metals

Al metal: LME and non-LME grades primary ingots; secondary ingots and granules
Cu metal: extruded wire rods and cast ingots
Ni metal: LME grade primary Ni cathodes, non-LME grade Ni granules, ingots and secondary materials
Pb metal: LME grade primary and secondary Pb ingots
Sn metal: LME and non-LME grade primary Tin ingots, wire, anodes
Zn metal: LME grade primary Zn ingots

Noble ferroalloys

FeMo: standard Western origin FeMo-65, non-Western origin FeMo-60 / FeMo-65
FeNb: standard 63% Nb min
FeNi: ingots, granules, fines Ni 10%-98.5%
FeTi: standard Russian / CIS FeTi-70 or/and FeTi-30
FeV: standard FeV-80 and FeV-50
FeW: standard 75% W min.
LC FeCr: standard Russian, with C 0.25%, C 0.10%, C 0.06%, C 0.05%, C 0.03% max

Bulk ferroalloys

FeSi: Si 75% min and Si 65% min
FeSi low Al: Si 70% min Al 1-1.5% max
HCFeCr: standard CIS origin High Carbon Ferrochrome C 8-9% lumps or fines


Al scrap
Mo scrap
Ni and Co bearing scraps and residues
Re-bearing scrap and residues
W scrap

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